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Angel Kim Tae Hee, 'Ssawoom transformation' ... Movie 'Ssawoom' Sharp temper acting

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'Beautiful female star' Kim Tae Hee transforms herself into a perfect fight/quarrel professional. Kim Tae Hee gives up her existing image in the movie 'Ssawoom' (director Han Ji Seung, Production Cinema Service & Sangsang Film) which she is filming at present. She reforms into a woman who has a strong mind and does not fear at all when she is involved in a body fight or argument with a man.

In the movie 'Ssawoom', the married couple enters into a period of languor/weariness and cannot cancel out the mutual dissatisfied feelings towards each other during married life, even reaching body fights in the process that is drawn as a 'Hard boiled romantic comedy thing'. Kim Tae Hee takes charge of the role of 28 year old glass artist Jinah. Seol Gyeong Gu appears as the husband Sang Min who is 6 years older. The acting is a pressurising competition between the married couple which is not inferior to that in two Hollywood movies 'The War of The Roses' and 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith'.

The first time when the casting of Kim Tae Hee was done for 'Ssawoom', there were a lot of 'Unexpectedness' in evaluations. It is because the actress with a feminine image goes out as a woman who attacks her former husband with a stick and says abusive language/bad things when the unbridgeable gulf feelings between them is too large. But after filming had started at the beginning of this month (May), it became clear that it was needless to worry for the future.

A person from the 'Ssawoom' production team expressed satisfaction, "For the appearance in the role of Jinah, the acting can actually be felt and misunderstanding may be shown as one may wonder whether the original appearance is the real thing. Kim Tae Hee laughs in the filming session locations and the flower is in blossom for a long time in the palpable acting." With this, he had confidence, "Kim Tae Hee would certainly run and prove her ability as an actor through 'Ssawoom'." 'Ssawoom' is planning to be opened in this fall.

[Journalist Choi Jae Wook]

source (in korean): Sports Khan

translation credit Home of the Angel@www.kim-taehee.com

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