Sunday, August 19, 2007

Seo Tae Hwa "I know the taste of acting via movies"

2007.08.17 (Friday) 21:45

** excerpt frm the full article:

Seo Tae Hwa carries the unexpected role of a professor of the Stockbreeding Department Office in the romantic comedy movie 'Ssawoom' which Seol Gyeong Gu and Kim Tae Hee appear in and filming is in progress at present. He didn't make clear who his partner in the cast is even until the end. He had a warm smile while speaking "Because there is a twist, it is not possible for me to clarify it. Please expect the movie much because it is a work which movingly draws a couple in love that mutually part, go out and realise again the meaning of love."

extracted frm source (in korean): SPORTSWORLDi

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Quick fix movie update

** filming for Ssawoom has progressed around 80% at present

** Ssawoom will open in the latter half of the year, tentative date set for 20Dec07

** filming should wrap by the end of Aug07

** Seol Gyeong Gu's role as Kim Sang Min will have a friend acted by Seo Tae Hwa

** Kim Tae Hee's role as Jina will have a close elder sister acted by Jeon Su Gyeong

** Noh Young Shim, the real-life wife of the director Han Ji Seung, is the music director of the movie

source: FILM 2.0

Updates to the blog

** unsure of the official english title of the movie, i just added in all 3 of the english names used in various sources

the initial news release frm Broasia used QUARREL
the Production Company Sang Sang Film @ the Yellow Entertainment website used THE FIGHT
while Tour2Korea below used WAR

** added in the surname of Seol Gyeong Gu in the movie
= KIM Sang Min
can't remember Kim Tae Hee's surname in the movie

** changed the genre of the movie to Hard-boiled romantic ACTION

** added in Seol Gyeong Gu's daum fancafe & official website links

+설경구:Out of Normal in Special Actor+

this article i had earlier translated but here is a newly released official translation provided by Tour2Korea

Kim Tae-Hee, Same Feelings as Kang Dong-Won

Kim Tae-Hee, currently filming the drama, “War” with Seol Kyeong-Gu, has been given much praise for her work by the staff, and is receiving plenty of love at the filming location for her great manners and humble attitude. Kim Tae-Hee receives top-star treatment in the CF industry, but there has been a lot of word when it comes to her acting ability, giving her no time to relax and always feeling rather tense. However, Kim Tae-Hee was able to overcome her anxieties in order to continue her acting, making the staff very happy.

On the 26th, a representative from the drama “War” stated, “I am very excited to see the final shooting of the film. Although there has been a lot of talk of Kim Tae-Hee’s acting ability, there is no need to worry. If I was to make a comparison, I would say that her acting resembles that of Kang Dong-Won in ‘Our Happy Hour’. As the drama progresses, you can say that her acting explodes. It is safe to say that it is a movie to be anticipated.”

Kim Tae-Hee carried a premium when she debuted in the entertainment industry as she was a Seoul National University graduate. For this reason, there were many comments stating that her acting abilities were poor compared to her beauty. What’s worse, a portal site displayed pictures of Kim Tae-Hee from her dramas, “Biography of a Nine-Tailed Fox”, “Love Story in Harvard”, and “Mid-Heaven”, all showing the same facial expression with big round eyes, stating that she only has one expression.

However, these views are slowly changing. The representative continued, “As Kim Tae-Hee changes in every episode, her encouragements do not cease. Her co-star Seol Gyeong-Gu is also commending her on her sincere hard work. The two stars get along very well on and off the screen, even to the point where Seol Gyeong-Gu would even joke saying, ‘Come sit over here, honey’.”

Director Han Ji-Seung’s first accomplishment was the pairing of the two stars Gam Woo-Seong and Son Ye-Jin in the SBS drama “Time of Love”. “War” is scheduled to finish filming next month and is to air in September.

The above photo courtesy of The Chosun Ilbo& Digital Chosun Ilbo

source: Tour2Korea

Monday, August 13, 2007

Seo Tae Hwa, "I obtained a lot of example life images in 'Friend (2001)'"


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Such he has already tried an image change gradually. It is the movie 'Ssawoom' to open in the latter half of the year, the role of the professor of the Stock Raising Section who has fallen into his own world is played and this unexpected character is scheduled to be seen. So much recently he was in MBC's daily situation comedy 'Kimchi cheese smile' acting as the broker meeting Hye Yeong with a view to marriage, a palpable acting that confessed importantly the love towards the go-between Seon Woo Eun Suk which he kept for 25 years was done and it notified of a real image change beforehand as it presented laughter.

Before this Seo Tae Hwa requested the journalist to express with the talk of 'Change' more than the image 'transformation'. He said "It seems not to be a robot transformation, this word does not suit actors etc. The story of a change seems to be suitable further. The scenario of the character is good and there is acting change in the selected work, the abrupt character in 'Ssawoom' seems to suit me well." Filming progress of the movie 'Ssawoom' with Seol Gyeong Gu and Kim Tae Hee was postponed a little because of the rainy season in summer but it has progressed more than 80% at present and is aimed on releasing in the latter half of the year.

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source (in korean): here.
roughly translated by Home of the Angel