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Kim Tae Hee, fatigue by untimely citizens paparazzi

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Lee In Gyeong []

Kim Tae Hee is paying the price of fame with the untimely citizens 'paparazzi'.

Tens or hundreds of fans gather in each filming set of the movie 'Ssawoom' (Cinema Service & Sang Sang Film, Director Han Ji Seung) which she is making with Seol Gyeong Gu and the difficulty is experienced on the inside when photographs are taken.

About hundreds of citizens surrounded around the buildings though it was midnight when she was filming alone at the Mok-dong Hyperion Towers in Seoul on the last 15th. Kim Tae Hee had to adopt the feeling of crying sorrowfully in the car on this day and the staff too had to make the atmosphere quiet for her to immerse in her acting.

But the staff had to ask the citizens who took pictures of Kim Tae Hee to agree not to take any more. Moreover when Kim Tae Hee turned up and went around the filming session locations in Ajou University & Hongik University, the students also went out to see her and the surroundings had to be controlled.

Her filming session location photographs are being circulated on fan cafes and various Internet bulletin boards now. Her hair was tied and she was in candid simple clothes, her seen appearance is a topic among the netizens.

Kim Tae Hee fan cafe members raised a sentence of reflection, "Let's stop taking photographs in the filming session locations so that Tae Hee-ssi can be absorbed in her acting without obstructions from the surroundings."

Kim Tae Hee is the wife of a college professor (Seol Gyeong Gu) in 'Ssawoom'. She carries the role of a glass artist and challenges her first performance as a married woman. 'Ssawoom' is planning to be opened in the latter half of this year.

Journalist Lee In Gyeong []

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