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Kim Tae Hee 'Ssawoom' filming session location, traffic block in one region

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▲ Kim Tae Hee

[Edaily SPN Journalist Kim Eun Gu] The appearance of beautiful female star Kim Tae Hee caused a major traffic uprising in the city of Seoul.

Kim Tae Hee had filming on the street in Seoul Yongsan from eleven p.m. on the 15th as she participated in the filming of her present movie 'Ssawoom' (director Han Ji Seung, production Cinema Service & Sang Sang Film).

The traffic congestion expanded suddenly late at night as drivers who passed by stopped their vehicles to see the view.

As soon as Kim Tae Hee showed up, the number of people who had gathered with curiosity in the movie filming suddenly increased from one, two to about 300 people.

As the traffic was clogged with the sudden road delay, the production team had trouble in controlling the vehicles by sounding an alarm so as to proceed with filming.

Kim Tae Hee progressed with the day's filming for the next four hours.

A certain concerned party on the site said, "It was intolerable because a lot of people were gathering around as we progressed with the filming. Meanwhile, there were no other such cases and a lot of the filming had progressed quietly. The feelings are good as people are interested in the movie."

In 'Ssawoom', Kim Tae Hee plays the role of a glass artist whose husband is a college professor (Seol Gyeong Gu). For her, this is the first challenge acting as a wife. 'Ssawoom' is planning to open to the public in the latter half of this year.

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