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Ssawoom expected to open in Korea on 2007-12-20

.... that is according to the official website of production company

*take note that this article below still states September as the release date.

Kim Tae Hee, The same feeling as Kang Dong Won in 'Our Happy Time'

'There are no more acting ability comments.'

Praises from the staff continue towards Kim Tae Hee (27) as she films the movie 'Ssawoom' with Seol Gyeong Gu. Her polite, modest attitude receives love from the filming set. Kim Tae Hee receives the top star treatment in the CF field but it is also true she is not able to loosen the tension every time during filming because there are a lot of comments about her acting ability. But Kim Tae Hee shows a different form while losing such anxiety as filming goes on, making the surrounding staff happy.

One official related to the movie Ssawoom on the 26th said "There are a lot of concerns for the movie at the filming end. There are a lot of questions on the acting ability of Kim Tae Hee especially. You don't need to worry. If I try to do a metaphor, it is the same feeling as the acting ability that Kang Dong Won emanates in the movie 'Our Happy Time'. Going to the latter half part, her acting ability says 'intense' (actually not sure of this exact translation, the korean word is 터지고 있다). You may expect it," the confidence feeling was shown.

At that time of her debut in the entertainment world, Kim Tae Hee shouldered the premium of coming from Seoul National University and there were abundant comments which said 'Her acting ability falls compared with her perfect features'. It's to the extent where the pictures of Kim Tae Hee in which she opens her eyes widely in 'Forbidden Love', 'Love Story In Harvard' and 'The Restless' etc were collected on some portal sites and the pictures gave rise to increasing number of comments 'There is no change in expressions'.

By the way, such an evaluation has changed. This party concerned continued and explained the reason "Giving Kim Tae Hee encouragement in her acting which changed each time is not regretted. Seol Gyeong Gu who films together with Kim Tae Hee also praised her sincere attitude. In the place they have meals together, Seol Gyeong Gu purposely calls out to her 'Yeobo (Honey), please come and sit here', the two actors often also keep time outside the filming set by throwing jokes."

After drawing out the perfect knack out of the Gam Woo Seong-Son Ye Jin couple through the SBS drama 'Alone In Love', Director Han Ji Seung's new work 'Ssawoom' is expected to release in September after filming finishes next month.

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source (in korean): Sports Seoul

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