Saturday, August 18, 2007

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** unsure of the official english title of the movie, i just added in all 3 of the english names used in various sources

the initial news release frm Broasia used QUARREL
the Production Company Sang Sang Film @ the Yellow Entertainment website used THE FIGHT
while Tour2Korea below used WAR

** added in the surname of Seol Gyeong Gu in the movie
= KIM Sang Min
can't remember Kim Tae Hee's surname in the movie

** changed the genre of the movie to Hard-boiled romantic ACTION

** added in Seol Gyeong Gu's daum fancafe & official website links

+설경구:Out of Normal in Special Actor+

this article i had earlier translated but here is a newly released official translation provided by Tour2Korea

Kim Tae-Hee, Same Feelings as Kang Dong-Won

Kim Tae-Hee, currently filming the drama, “War” with Seol Kyeong-Gu, has been given much praise for her work by the staff, and is receiving plenty of love at the filming location for her great manners and humble attitude. Kim Tae-Hee receives top-star treatment in the CF industry, but there has been a lot of word when it comes to her acting ability, giving her no time to relax and always feeling rather tense. However, Kim Tae-Hee was able to overcome her anxieties in order to continue her acting, making the staff very happy.

On the 26th, a representative from the drama “War” stated, “I am very excited to see the final shooting of the film. Although there has been a lot of talk of Kim Tae-Hee’s acting ability, there is no need to worry. If I was to make a comparison, I would say that her acting resembles that of Kang Dong-Won in ‘Our Happy Hour’. As the drama progresses, you can say that her acting explodes. It is safe to say that it is a movie to be anticipated.”

Kim Tae-Hee carried a premium when she debuted in the entertainment industry as she was a Seoul National University graduate. For this reason, there were many comments stating that her acting abilities were poor compared to her beauty. What’s worse, a portal site displayed pictures of Kim Tae-Hee from her dramas, “Biography of a Nine-Tailed Fox”, “Love Story in Harvard”, and “Mid-Heaven”, all showing the same facial expression with big round eyes, stating that she only has one expression.

However, these views are slowly changing. The representative continued, “As Kim Tae-Hee changes in every episode, her encouragements do not cease. Her co-star Seol Gyeong-Gu is also commending her on her sincere hard work. The two stars get along very well on and off the screen, even to the point where Seol Gyeong-Gu would even joke saying, ‘Come sit over here, honey’.”

Director Han Ji-Seung’s first accomplishment was the pairing of the two stars Gam Woo-Seong and Son Ye-Jin in the SBS drama “Time of Love”. “War” is scheduled to finish filming next month and is to air in September.

The above photo courtesy of The Chosun Ilbo& Digital Chosun Ilbo

source: Tour2Korea

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