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Noh Young Shim, to participate as music director of husband Han Ji Seung's directorial work 'Ssawoom (Quarrel)'

In Korea, Noh Young Shim is also = Roh Young Sim
Her official website: Pianogirl

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Journalist Yun Yeo Su | 04/12 11:56

Pianist, composer and singer Noh Young Shim will participate as the musical director of a movie directed by her husband Han Ji Seung.

Noh Young Shim takes over as music director of director Han's next production work, the movie 'Ssawoom' (production Cinema Service) starring Seol Gyeong Gu and Kim Tae Hee, and has begun the film's music work.

This is the first time Noh Young Shim, who married director Han Ji Seung in 2001, is participating in her husband's movie production as the musical director.

ⓒFeatured actors Seol Gyeong Gu and Kim Tae Hee of Movie 'Ssawoom'

She undertook the music in the 2003 movie 'Too Beautiful To Lie' produced by director Han Ji Seung and also participated in the OST work of the SBS drama 'Alone In Love' which was director Han's production work of topic last year, but 'Ssawoom (Quarrel)' will be her first time working as a music director on her husband's movie production.

In a separate telephone call with Star News recently, director Han Ji Seung laughed saying, "The dialogue is being separated from a movie more of the time in some works it is about the music and it is expected that the result here will also be good."

The movie 'Ssawoom (Quarrel)' is an expected work starring Seol Gyeong Gu and Kim Tae Hee. It is a story about a couple who has entered the stage of weariness in their marriage and gradually they fight roughly and fiercely. Director Han made clear his flight of production, "To show love through dislike. I'd play various variations of the prescribed 'hard-boiled' romantic comedy genre."

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